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Why School Recess is Important for Autistic Children

When my 9-year-old ASD child returns home from school in the afternoon, I always ask the same question, "How was your day?" The only thing of interest that he ever talks about is what happened during recess. He discusses who he played with, what they did, and how he wished recess was longer. I suspect that this is true of most children—the highlight of the day being "recess." For children with autism, participation in recess may be a component necessary for their success....(more)

Autistic Children are More Trusting than Their Peers

According to a "new" study, autistic children are more trusting than their neuro-typical peers. These children tend to believe what they are told, and be more likely to blindly trust information provided to them by both people they know and strangers....(more)

Place Blindness in People with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome

Does your autistic child get lost easily? A friend or loved one with Asperger's Syndrome seem scatter-brained and forgetful? Or maybe they are late for appointments, got lost on the way, and then could not remember where they parked their car? They could be suffering from a condition known as place-blindness....(more)

Online School for Autistic College Students: A Good Choice

Autistic students may have difficulty adjusting to college life. College campuses can be large and overwhelming, and the course load heavy. Many individuals with autism or Asperger's Syndrome have a difficult time completing courses due to executive functioning issues, sensory processing overload, and weak central coherence; however, there may be a solution. Taking college classes online can alleviate some of the obstacles that can appear in the autistic college student's path....(more)


Navigating the Holidays with Autism: Part III: Gift Giving and Surprises

In Part II of this series we discussed children and adults with autism's need to know what to expect. They crave and thrive on routines. Being uncertain about what to expect, even if it is only what to expect in the box, can be a strong source of stress. Many people like to be surprised when opening a gift, but it is likely that for the autistic person in your life, surprises can cause anxiety....(more)

Sometimes My Autistic Child Will Not Speak. Could it be Selective Mutism?

Sometimes a child or adult with autism may appear mute. They may freeze-up and not be able to speak in certain circumstances, struggling with their words, or not being able to form any. When this happens it is known as "selective mutism." Selective Mutism, although, often seen with autism, and many times even misdiagnosed as autism, is a separate disorder. A person can suffer from selective mutism without being autistic....(more)

5 Sources of Stress Your Aspie Partner May Be Experiencing That You Never Thought Of

People with Asperger's often refer to themselves as "Aspies." Sometimes even seemingly simple everyday tasks can be a source of stress and discomfort to someone with Asperger's Syndrome (AS). Many people around them do not understand their odd behaviors, or even realize many times that an event or task could be causing stress. Here are just a few things that they may struggle with that you may have never thought about....(more)

Autism Therapies

Treatments and Therapies for Autism

Autism is a developmental disability that develops in early childhood. Children with autism have problems with communication and social relationships. Autism often includes physical, mental and emotional delays in development. Children with autism vary widely in terms of symptoms and the severity of the condition. Early treatment helps children with autism cope better and develop language, self care and social skills. Treatments for autism focus on modifying behavior. These treatment options provide help through early intervention programs and in the home....(more)

Is Your Autism Psychologist Right for Your Child?

Many parents of autistic children end up seeking out a psychologist's assistance when it comes to treating their children. Understanding and treating the numerous interlocking behaviors can be quite intimidating. However choosing the right psychologist is essential. An autism psychologist generally specializes, but not everyone will be a good match for your child....(more)

How Music Therapy Can Help in Autism

Autism is a problem that inspires both sympathy and sadness in a lot of people. The reason for this, is a result of the knowledge that the individual will never lead a normal life like everyone else does. However, this does not have to be entirely true. There are various treatments and therapies that can be used to help such individuals. One of the most innovative and effective autism therapies is conducted through music. Links between music therapy and autism have been recently discovered and can help people with autism in a wide variety of ways....(more)

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