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Can Theory of Mind be Taught to Autistic Children? 5 Things That Can Help

"Theory of Mind," also known as mind-blindness, is the fundamental understanding that other people have feelings, emotions, and thoughts different than your own. It is the innate ability to recognize facial expressions, and body language, and then interpret, and predict other's actions based on this knowledge. Children with autism are thought to lack this intuitive ability. Lacking Theory of Mind may explain some of the social and communication difficulties experienced by individuals with autism. The good news is there are some ways that autistic children and adults can learn "Theory of Mind."...(more)

Clumsiness Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders—Poor Proprioception

Autistic children and adults may have difficulty with motor coordination appearing clumsy--poor proprioception may be the cause....(more)

Five Ways Music Therapy Can Help Treat Autism

Music therapy is a useful treatment for a child or adult with autism. Due to the medium's non verbal, and non-threatening nature, it is a way for an individual with autism to develop communication and interaction. Many autistic children show an inherent gift with musical instruments. Music therapy for autism can help a child or person learn a wide variety of skills that they lack, from social interaction to development of speech....(more)

Effective Play Therapy Techniques

Play therapy will help your child to reduce habits that are repetitive or obsessive. This form of therapy helps your child to build relationship and communication skills that will be beneficial to them throughout their life. There are many different play therapy techniques that you can choose from. The technique that you choose will depend largely on your child's interests. The skills learned through play therapy and autism will develop your child's interests....(more)


Autism: Loneliness and Lack of Social Contact

There is a common misconception that autistic people, both children and adults, are not social—or rather, they do not want to be social. This could not be further from the truth. Autistic people, just like those without autism, want friendships, and social interactions; however, many times these interactions are difficult at best or nearly impossible at worst. Sometimes the best place to find a "friend" is amongst those who are most like yourself....(more)

Place Blindness in People with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome

Does your autistic child get lost easily? A friend or loved one with Asperger's Syndrome seem scatter-brained and forgetful? Or maybe they are late for appointments, got lost on the way, and then could not remember where they parked their car? They could be suffering from a condition known as place-blindness....(more)

Autism in Toddlers: Early Signs

Autism affects three crucial areas of development — social interaction, language and behavior. These areas may be difficult to identify in small children or toddlers, so what should you look for? Autism affects each child differently, but there are several behaviors or signs that are commonly seen in children with autism spectrum disorders....(more)

Autism Therapies

Treatments and Therapies for Autism

Autism is a developmental disability that develops in early childhood. Children with autism have problems with communication and social relationships. Autism often includes physical, mental and emotional delays in development. Children with autism vary widely in terms of symptoms and the severity of the condition. Early treatment helps children with autism cope better and develop language, self care and social skills. Treatments for autism focus on modifying behavior. These treatment options provide help through early intervention programs and in the home....(more)

Is Your Autism Psychologist Right for Your Child?

Many parents of autistic children end up seeking out a psychologist's assistance when it comes to treating their children. Understanding and treating the numerous interlocking behaviors can be quite intimidating. However choosing the right psychologist is essential. An autism psychologist generally specializes, but not everyone will be a good match for your child....(more)

How Music Therapy Can Help in Autism

Autism is a problem that inspires both sympathy and sadness in a lot of people. The reason for this, is a result of the knowledge that the individual will never lead a normal life like everyone else does. However, this does not have to be entirely true. There are various treatments and therapies that can be used to help such individuals. One of the most innovative and effective autism therapies is conducted through music. Links between music therapy and autism have been recently discovered and can help people with autism in a wide variety of ways....(more)

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